1. The numbers sound ridiculous,this is just Yet another startup promising the moon and requesting funding

     We understand your skepticism, The Numbers do sound ridiculous, The Range Given by us is done with limited power and speed,the numbers are tested and simulated and then published, Our current battery energy is at 18.4 Kilowatt-hours, the range figures where calculated at a limited current output of 120A , aerodynamics coefficient of .41 with rolling resistance :0.023 , face surface of 46 m2, the total weight of the bike including the rider was at 250 KG with a maximum electronics efficiency of 93%, we have close to zero conversion losses, we get a range of 521 kilometers at a limited speed of 82.5 Km/h

But even that might not validate our claims, there already is an electric Superbike, The Lightning LS-218 which has a 150 kilowatt motor and a 20 kWh battery pack which gives 250 kilometers on a single charge, we use a motor that is 3 times less power consuming and is further limited for high range, 500 kilometers is possible with proper power regulation and electronics

2. It looks Ugly

We agree, The Outer body is just a concept and was built just to calculate aerodynamic forces, the final design will be revealed during the Bike launch, and it will be Beautiful

3. What is the current state of development for the bike? What will the funding be used for?

The Conceptual phase of the bike is completed, which is, the complete detail design is ready, the electronics have been tested in modules and analysed, the funds will be used for Complete integration, prototype iteration and Electronics and software development

4. Why Are you doing this? and why did you target a range of 500 kilometers

As charging times are high in electric bikes, it wouldn’t make sense to keep the range to 200 kilometers, there would be no actual real world use, there are no charging stations in India and even if someone keeps the motorcycle for charging in some one’s home it’ll take hours, so we had to choose between getting the range Higher, or getting the charge times lower to 15-30 mins. We got the range higher so that the person using the motorbike should charge only once a week for all the weeks commute. And not worry about anything else

We are not looking to make money in the first phase, we just want to prove that doing 500 kilometers or more on a motorbike is possible and break the belief of people that electric bikes are not reliable,

There are already 3 Electric bikes in India with 200 kilometers per charge range, we just wanted to do something different, after the first phase there are plans to build a 500 kilometer range mid range motorbike under 3 lakhs with low powered motors and so on

And as the first bike will be produced in less numbers, and the performance is so high, we couldn't get the price any lower

5. How do you reach 251km/hour with a 40kW motor?

40 kiloWatt is the continuous rating 55 kilowatt is the peak power of the PMAC motor, 250km/hr can be reached with 48.38 kW with a torque of 130 n.m , as the motor has proper Heat dissipation systems in place, it can handle 251 kilometers per hour at 0 degree gradient , We are trying to push the limits to test our breaking points before going to market and these are the target numbers we intend to hit, there might be some increments or decrements in top speed and acceleration

6. So an SV650 race bike with 70 hp can reach around 180 - 190 km/h. Where do you find the extra 60 km/h?

That's exactly why we have a fairing without any extra outer features, its completely smooth, with the fairing we get a Cd of .41 and without the fairing we need a lot of wattage or power just to overcome the air resistance, without the outer fairing that our motorcycle has our Cd would reach a high point of .64-.69 depending on the rider sitting up straight or leaning down, the sv650 cannot be made more aerodynamic also because of the upright sitting position . and we would struggle to reach 200, the max speed with that configuration, we would reach 195 km/h or less with perfect conditions,

We get our extra 60 kph just by aerodynamics and the aggressive seating posture of the person(which decreases the overall surface area for aerodynamic efficiency)

7. What does that "tank" on an E-Bike hold?

It holds the Master Electronics and Redundant Control Systems

8. We already have declared the launch prices, down to the last rupee - without even building a prototype.

We have completed the electronics in modules and the prototype is in modules, the prices mentioned on our website are the targets we intend to hit, and the prices have been verified and agreed upon by various individuals in the EV industry in India and outside

9. Why are the prices mentioned in USD?

the prices are both in Rupees and in USD,The website is published all over the world so that potential backers or anybody curious can easily understand the numbers without having to hold a calculator at all times, the numbers are published in Metric and imperial Units