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The combination of lightning fast acceleration and aerodynamic bodywork make for a fearsome sport bike.


An amazing liquid cooled 18.4 kWh Battery-Pack

A combination of High Density cells make up the entire Battery-Pack, With dedicated Matrix BMS system to monitor and control individual cells providing high levels of safety and efficiency


More than 500 km (310 Miles)* on a single Charge

*A total Range of 480 Kilometers on a full charge, at 70 Km/h on Indian highways and a range of 500 Km ~ 550 Km in the City with Active Regenerative braking


An extremely quiet Belt Drive system

The rear wheel is driven by an Aramid Kevlar reinforced Belt drive system connected to a 40KW high performance PMSM Motor with 180nm at the shaft and 432nm at the wheel, resulting in Quiet operation and increased torque-jerk tolerance and eliminating any lubrication needs


251 km/h (156 mph) to 0 km/h

The braking system consists of dual 320mm front and 245 mm rear disks with brembo calipers, reinforced with dual-channel intelligent ABS and traction control with Machine Learning developed in-house.


Engine | Motor

    High Performance 40KW peak permanant-magnet synchronous Motor
    Speed : 6250 RPM
    Rated torque : 100 N.m (73 ft-lb)
    Peak torque : 180 N.m (133 ft-lb)
    Protection class : IP67
    Cooling : Liquid cooled(Water)
    Poles : 14


  • Front : Ohlins USD Fork
    • Stroke : 120 mm (4.7")
      Length : 800 mm (31.49")
      Fully adjustable
  • Rear : Ohlins TTX GP **(optional) + $850
    • Showa pressurized(standard)
      Stroke : 30 mm (1.1")


  • Front
    • 320mm Dual ventelated Disks
      Brembo Dual piston Calipers
  • Rear
    • 245 mm Ventilated Disk
      Brembo single piston caliper
      Safety : Dual channel ABS With wheel contact sensors for traction control


      Wheelbase : 1440 mm (56.69")
      Ground clearance : 190 mm | 7.3"
      Curb weight : 180 kg (396 lbs)
      Maximum laden weight (With passenger) : 280 kg (600 lbs)

    Electrical System

      Solid state digital semiconductors – no fuses or relays.
      CAN bus operated and fully programmable functionality.
  • Intelligence
    • Processor : ARM Cortex a53
      intelligent battery monitoring
      Real-time wheel position and speed measurement
      intelligent braking response with traction control
  • Active Redundancy
    • Three Processor System to eliminate electrical or throttle malfunction (Fault tolerance)
      Dual independent control systems for all electrical systems


      Coefficient of drag : 0.44

    Electric Drive

      Stored Energy : 18.4 kWh
      Peak Battery power output : 75.9 kW
      Matrix BMS System
      Modular Battery system
      Battery output Power restricted to 45 kW
      Aluminum honeycomb reinforced Carbon Fibre Battery enclosure
      Battery weight : 120 kg
      Charging time : TBD



    Range Plots

    Plot Conditions

      Total weight : 250 kg (551 lbs)
      Battery Energy : 18400 Wh
      Max Torque a the shaft:110 N.m (88.5 ft-lb)
      Max Current(Limited to) : 400 A
      Max Power(load) : 27600 W
      Max Efficiency : 93%
      Aerodynamics Coefficient(Cd) : 0.41
      Rolling Resistance : 0.023
      Face Surface : .46 M2

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    Swapnil Mankame

    CEO, Founder
    Mankame Automotive
    SAE membership number : 7150124109
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    Supreeth Tikare

    Dynamics and Suspension
    Mankame Automotive
    SAE membership number : 7150124108